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Super Affiliate System Reviews: What Is Super Affiliate System? 

The original course was created almost 5 years ago in 2015. It has been updated recently, the latest pushing it to Super Affiliate System 3.0, which has added new methods and modules to try and highlight changes in how affiliate marketing works.

I would say that yes, it has made it modern, updated and even relevant, although not as much as other courses.

So the course, from a high level perspective, provides you with modules and teachings;

How to Get $900 Worth of Network Coupons That Drive Paid Traffic.

  • Presell Pages
  • Target data
  • Sdswipes
  • And much more besides.

This course is sold as a way to take you from 0 – amazing in about 6 weeks using paid traffic. Although I have to admit that I’ve seen little evidence that students become spectacularly rich from it, including myself.

This program helps you get a handle on the important things about marketing, like:

  • Facebook and Google Ads
  • Youtube ads
  • Original advertisement
  • Even more ads

They take a small step towards the advertising end of things. You start out with an advertising spend of about $5 per day, and then you will only move up from that level if advertising is profitable. Or, you will wait until it becomes profitable.

I thought it was cool but a little creativity-hinting that they provided templates. That’s great if you just want to start, but some of us really want to put our heart into it. Still, the ready-to-use templates for audiences, landing pages, and ads were helpful for getting started.

You are given different ideas ranging from health and fitness, but the recent updates and changes focus more on promoting John’s products (which is one of the reasons I decided to rewrite it).

I’ve been critical in the past that Legendary Marketers do this for their 15 day course, providing you with funnels to promote it, but it only costs $7, and it’s meant to be an introduction to other things. Is. Not $997 and your only selling point.

One problem you will encounter with this style of training is that you don’t learn much from it. You don’t understand why a swipe or an ad might work, it just works Perhaps.

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Super Affiliate System Reviews: The course is broken down into 6 bite-sized chunks:

Week 1: Starting Your Business

John Crestani will show you how to start your own business in the first week. He will teach you the basic steps of building a business.

He will guide you on how to join groups that will pay you to sell your stuff. John will also teach you how to create ads and web pages that can help you make money fast.

If you’re new, this section is all about learning how to pay for ads. John wants newbies to online selling to get their first paycheck from sales.

They say that when you earn your first money it feels like you can do anything. This motivates you to continue your business.

Week 2: Choosing What to Sell

First, you learn why it’s important to think the right way. This helps you prepare your mind for business.

Then, John shows you how to choose what to sell by looking at how big the market is and how many other people are selling the same thing.

Choosing the right thing to sell is a big step in starting your business. John will spend the entire week helping you find the right area for your business.

Remember, this step is extremely important. What you choose to sell can really help you succeed or cause problems.

For example, if you choose to sell coupons, you’re looking at people who want to save money, not spend it.

Therefore, you may have to work really hard to attract people who don’t want to spend money to buy from you.

Week 3: Using Google and YouTube Ads

Google Ads are a great way to show your product to people. Your product shows up when people search for certain things on Google.

John will teach you how to choose the best words, find your audience, see what devices they use, and test different ads.

But John only covers the simple stuff. This may not be enough to make your website the most viewable on Google, probably because it does not want to make it too difficult for beginners.

Since Google also owns YouTube, you can learn how to show ads there too. John also suggests creating your own YouTube channel.

Week 4: Getting Better at Sales

John’s friend Ronnie Sandlin will teach you about different ad placements, making sure ads follow regulations, using Facebook ads, and writing to sell.

If you’re selling online, you have to be skilled at converting readers into buyers. This video focuses heavily on writing to sell.

But it feels like there are some things missing. It talks about writing to sell, but it doesn’t show you how to do it really well.

Week 5: Growing Your Business and Creating a Preview Page

You’ll learn how to scale your sales campaigns and create preview page templates.

This part will show you how marketers get lots of people to buy something.

Week 6: Choosing Products

John adds a variety of things you can sell and talks about three big areas that always sell: feeling good, making money, and being healthy.

If what you’re selling right now isn’t working, he says to try picking from these areas.

What’s that for?

The Super Affiliate System is designed to be beginner-friendly. It is designed in such a way that almost anyone who wants to get started with affiliate marketing can use it as their launchpad, no matter how new they are to the concepts.

Additionally, John Crestani’s system also provides valuable information and insights for longtime affiliate marketers. The content is so rich and in-depth that it can provide value to professionals as well as beginners and help experienced affiliate marketers reach new revenue levels.

Super Affiliate System Reviews: Pro’s And Con’s

Overall, the Super Affiliate System is a quality package that provides real value to those who purchase it.

If you were wondering ‘Is the Super Affiliate System a scam?’ So the answer is definitely no.

However, there are one or two potential drawbacks to this particular course. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Super Affiliate System.


Probably the most important benefit of the Super Affiliate System is its generality, as well as its value to both beginners and pro-level affiliate marketers.

The second top quality of this program is that it is revised every year to reflect changes in the tools and services used to implement the program as well as successful online strategies.

The online space changes rapidly, as do the services and associated tools. Unlike other less popular courses that may never be revised, the Super Affiliate System will provide current and useful information throughout the content.

The structure of the course is also clear and well-planned. Additionally, the revision sections, ‘homework’ and quizzes are helpful in maintaining the richness of information covered.

Another decided pro is the support that buyers who purchase this course get. Once users sign up for the program they gain access to a dedicated Internet marketing forum, Facebook group, and student email support.


The number one drawback of Super Affiliate systems can be cost. Currently, the program costs $997. This amount can be divided into three installments of $397.

While this may be a very large sum of money for some people, affiliate marketers who fully apply the knowledge gained through the program are likely to see a return on this expense.

Another potential drawback of the Super Affiliate system is that some areas (like Google Ads) may be covered in more detail. However, for the size and scope of the course, this is a minor drawback.

Real Users Reviews!


John Crestani is a complete mastermind! After a number of months working with John, I was able to quit my job because I had created enough wealth and income for myself.

– Andrew


John has taught me everything I know about affiliate marketing. I’m only 19 years old and it has been a struggle to get here, but invest in yourself and you will see the results.

– Quadrell Jones


John shows you the true and legit way to start without spending money on ads. He makes sure you do the research to get things done and sell the products.

Another one of my favorite modules was the website building… but he shows it step-by-step, and i ts how I’ve been able to create my first website today, which is what I’m now working on. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to get into affiliate marketing.

– Billy Smith


It’s so easy to understand and you get lot’s of one-on-one attention if you need it.

Thank you John Crestani!

– Tomomi

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Super Affiliate System Reviews: Does Super Affiliate System Really Work?

Super Affiliate System is an in-depth program that provides detailed training on how to build successful affiliate systems. Also, it requires work and application to complete the program and put the strategies outlined in it to the test.

If you browse the Super Affiliate site, you will see a select few reviews and testimonials from marketers who saw impressive results after using the system.

However, affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme, and neither is John’s Super Affiliate System. It requires a lot of dedication, time and hard work.

Super Affiliate System Reviews: Is It Worth the Money?

Is the Super Affiliate System Worth the Money?

It really depends on you. If you are serious about a career as an affiliate marketer and you have the time to implement the strategies set forth in the Super Affiliate System – then yes, it probably is.

On the other hand, if you have a habit of starting things and never finishing them, or you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme, then no, this probably won’t do any good.


When a person visits a Super Affiliate website for the first time, they notice many reviews and testimonials from people who have made money with this program. Remember that the Super Affiliate System is not a way to make a lot of money quickly. It takes time, dedication and hard work.

For someone who is new to affiliate marketing, the Super Affiliate System is a great place to start. They’ll have everything they need to get started with over 50 hours of high quality video content. The weekly webinar is the best part of the system as it lets students talk about their progress. John says that even if the price isn’t funny, people will make ten times that amount in a month.

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